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Our Story

EnviroEye founder Mark Rauch has owned and operated a pipeline and storage tank facility for over 30 years. One of the challenges in using floating open roof type storage tanks is protecting them from contamination from rain water and the ensuing damage from a spill or leak from the storage tanks. Most storage tanks have a drain system to remove any rain water but has some risks involved. With the help of a couple long time vendors, Mark came up with a system to eliminate the need for onsite personnel to monitor the weather and the position of the drain valve, open or closed. This new Floating Roof Drain Guard System uses a sensor to determine if any oil related chemicals have leaked into the drain system and immediately alerts personnel by sending information via modem to any cell phone and/or email address. This eliminates the need for onsite monitoring personnel and possible problems with undetected leaks or spills since the device can close the valve automatically.

EnviroEye Minimizes Your Risk 
The Floating Roof Drain Guard System’s flow chamber includes a hydrocarbon sensor that can be set to a desired level of sensitivity.The sensor can detect the presence of hydrocarbons, signal the valve to close and prevent release of the storage tank contents. The system can be programmed to deploy a customized alert.

“During the past 27 years of owning and operating pipeline and terminal facilities, a solution was never found to the ongoing dilemma that open roof floating tanks present–do we keep the roof drain valve open or closed? I searched for answers at industry trade shows
and publications, but with no luck. Together with colleagues we tackled the issue with success. We developed and put into operation a Floating Roof Drain Guard System that works, and it works well! It is boosting our operational efficiency, minimizing our risks, protecting our capital investment, and safeguarding the environment.” MARK RAUCH, President, Pipeline & Terminal Management Corporation Houston, Texas

EnviroEye Provides Peace of Mind 
Its innovative technology allows roof drains to be safely left open–a viable solution.

“At our facility, we have chosen to keep our floating roof drains open due to unpredictable severe weather. Keeping the roof drains open leaves the facility vulnerable to a potential product release should a failure occur within the floating roof drain system. This roof drain monitoring system eliminates that vulnerability with a detection system that closes the roof drain valve should it detect any product. As terminal manager, I sleep better at night knowing that EnviroEye is on the job 24 hours a day, 7days a week.”  DAN SILVESTRO, Key West Pipeline Company Key West, Florida