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February/March 2019Tank Storage Magazine)  Volume 15  Issue No.1 Page 97-98 –“Keeping the Drain Line Open”

November 2018Automating hydrocarbon detection in floating roof drains”  A floating roof drain guard system reduces the risks of environmental contamination or permit violations by continuously monitoring … (BIC Publication)

Summer 2018To Dome or Not to Dome” In the world of petroleum storage, few solutions offer as much utility as floating roof tanks. While the technologies available to the industry are vast, the floating roof tank paved the way for bulk storage. (Tanks & Terminals Magazine)

October 2016  “To Close or Not to Close” The decision to keep roof tank drains open or closed is an operating dilemma faced by tank farms worldwide. Michael Sprung and Mark Rauch, EnviroEye, LLC, USA, and Chris Chase, InterOcean Systems, USA, outline a newly developed system that can help operators to safely and effectively monitor floating roof drainage. (Tanks & Terminals Magazine)

September 20, 2016 EnviroEye, LLC to Address Storm Water Management, Petroleum Storage, and Above Ground Storage Tank Technologies at Upcoming Conference

October 27, 2015 EnviroEye introduces the Floating Roof Drain Guard System (Hydrocarbon Engineering)

September 9, 2015  EnviroEye will demonstrate their new Floating Roof Drain Guard System at the 8th Annual National Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show in Galveston, Texas on September 16-17, 2015 at the Moody Gardens Hotel.

August 26, 2015  EnviroEye creates the Floating Roof Drain Guard System, which eliminates potential contamination; permit violations, tank failures and extended downtime of above ground storage tanks