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The weather is still unpredictable, Let EnviroEye take on some oversight.

The past six months have been exciting for the EnviroEye team as we continue to explore a variety of configurations for the Drain Guard System based upon weather conditions in locations around the country and abroad. Your specific stored products, facility protocols, and not to mention budget are all factored into our solution to the ago old question… Do you leave your drain line for storm water Open or Closed?

The question still remains, and EnviroEye Drain Guard System helps to answer that question.

An Eye on Your Environment. Leave it open this storm season and EnviroEye will test for hydrocarbons.  If detected, valves close and an alert your team. Cost has been justified by clients for many reasons.  Foremost, the need to protect our environment.  Our operators are happy with one of the newest tools available to help mitigate tank liquid loss and tank maintenance challenges.

Read our recent publication in Tanks and Terminals Magazine “To Close or Not to Close” .

EnviroEye had a great trade show in April at the NISTM in Orlando, Florida.  The EnviroEye team will have the unit out for demonstrations at ILTA in Houston, Texas June 13-14, 2017 at the George R Brown Convention Center booth #383.

ABOUT EnviroEye:

  • EnviroEye founder Mark Rauch has owned and operated pipeline and storage tank facilities for over 25 years and is past treasurer and current vice chair of the Florida Energy Pipeline Association (FEPA) & is a member of the Florida Keys Area Committee.
  • One of the challenges in using floating, open roof type storage tanks is knowing when to open or close the roof drain valve.
  • Most storage tanks have a drain system to remove rain water; however, the daily management of that duty is complicated on the ground by many factors.
  • Now operators can leave a drain in the open position and trust that, with proper use, the EnviroEye system will alert personnel and/or supervisors that a tank needs immediate attention.
  • EnviroEye Drain Guard System  reduces the occurrence for personnel to miss a leak if they are distracted.  EnviroEye can detect product before it has a chance to be a sheen outside the tank.

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